Dear esteemed readers, writers, and travellers,

We would like to implore you to be mindful of the new global health crisis, the Covid-19 outbreak. Please adhere to the warnings and advice of your government and of the World Health Organisation and other health-related organisations regarding the curbing of the virus and the measures you must take to avoid it. Wash your hands, avoid large gatherings, and most importantly, postpone your trip in order not to contract the virus and potentially spread it to others. Please stay at home as advised, and do not put your own or others’ lives in danger by moving about unnecessarily.

We are committed to you as always and will be serving you travel stories to keep your company. You’ll find enough to read about in our archive. Please also stay connected for the review series we are publishing.

Any writers who want to use this time to write up accounts of journeys you took before the virus took hold – we are here and waiting to work with you on publishing your stories. Please get in touch.

These are uncertain times but we trust that humanity will survive and bounce back. It’s a wonderful world!

Cover photo credit: Bernhard Rösner