Tade Ipadeola

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Of Roads and Crossroads by Tade Ipadeola

Title: If Only the Road Could Talk Author: Niyi Osundare Publisher: Africa World Press Number of pages: 126 Year of publication: 2017 Category: Poetry   Old, never aged, Once golden apple of an Empire’s eye, London never sleeps (but sometimes snores) Still methodically English, with some brown now In the watermark of its Union Jack…  – London (p 106) Of all African poets writing in English today, without a doubt Niyi Osundare…

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There Was A Stone: Entebbe, Lake Victoria and Kampala by Tade Ipadeola

The flight from Lagos stopped over at Kigali, Rwanda, and from there we flew onward to Entebbe, Uganda where we arrived on the anniversary of the Israeli Defense Force raid on Entebbe. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Head of State who lost a brother, Yonatan ‘Yoni’ Netanyahu, in that raid was marking the anniversary of the raid and making heavy weather of it. So, from the beginning, this visit to Uganda…

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