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World at their Wheels: Two Nigerian Travelogues Fifty Years Apart by Janet Remmington

AN AFRICAN ABROAD by Ọlábísí Àjàlá (Author), Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún (Preface), Tom Mboya (Introduction), Joane Ajala (Foreword), Masobe Books and Olongo Africa, 2022 [Originally published by Jarrolds:1963] LONDON TO LAGOS: THE JOURNEY OF A LION HEART by David Kunle Adeyanju (Kindle Edition), 2022 Nigerian travellers have long been going places and crafting their travel stories, with no signs of slowing down.  Recently relaunched is Moshood Ọlábísí Àjàlá’s travel memoir classic An…

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An African Abroad by Ọlábísí Àjàlá to be republished in October 2022

When he’s not breaking through security to shake hands with Nikita Khrushchev, he is crashing his scooter through a border between Jordan and Israel in the then partitioned Jerusalem, amidst a hail of gunfire, escaping an assassination attempt in Jordan, or dodging the bullets of eager security agents around the Duke of Edinburgh in Sydney. When he’s not trying ‘African ju-ju’ on pretty Russian girls, he’s enjoying a tense audience…

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